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Unit Cars & VIP Chauffeur Service

We have a well-organised and professional team of unit drivers who are dedicated to providing excellent service to our clients in the film production industry, ensuring that transportation runs smoothly, efficiently and enabling the film crew to focus on their work without any disruptions.

We have a varied fleet of luxury vehicles and 4x4's ensuring that our clients are comfortable and safe, no matter what  your transportation needs may be.

First Class Standards

Your immaculately-attired, well spoken chauffeur will be there to greet you at your home or hotel and escort you to the vehicle. All of our vehicles offer plenty of space, plush, comfortable interiors, free Wifi & in car entertainment and extras to help you relax or take care of business en-route. After a hard day on the set, your chauffeur will be waiting, ready to greet you and take you back home, or on to other engagements such as dinner reservations or business appointments. All complex itineraries are handled with ease.

Our vehicles and staff can also be used in action scenes. We have access to a massive range of vehicles, whether you want a vintage, classic or modern vehicles give us a call for availability on 01439 610 560 or email

As well as providing a personal service for individual clients, we’re also available to utilize our full range of vehicles in accommodating the needs of production companies and studios, ensuring all your cast, crew and VIPs arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there.

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Film & TV Unit Cars & Celebrity Chauffeur Service

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