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Private Security Services

Security personnel play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of everyone on a film set. Their primary responsibility is to maintain a safe and secure environment, both for the cast and crew working on the set, as well as for any members of the public who may be nearby.

Amongst our staff are ex Military Security, Police Officers, Ambulance Crew & Health & Safety Specialists offering a broad spectrum of skills, providing both covert or overt security.  All of our security operatives are licensed door supervisors (despite that level not being required for all roles) with the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and are fully insured with our company policy.

Our operatives are highly trained individuals and have the benefit of many years of experience, Our aim is to provide a secure environment with 24 hour a day security and protection for all our clients. We fully understand that the potential risks facing each client are unique. We continuously monitor potential hazards and our risk assessments are paramount to creating a safe and dependable working environment for all of our clients.

Event & Venue Security – Door Supervisors – Security Guards – Key Holding – Film & TV – Close Protection

TV & Film Security

We work tirelessly with location and production staff, local authorities and the general public in order to ensure good public relations; facilitating and maintaining a good relationship with the location owner, keeping them informed of any appropriate updates.

Excitement around any film or television production is the norm these days, especially with advent of social media.  However, we appreciate the need to keep matters under control, in order that the production continues without anything of a detrimental nature occurring.

Our security personnel are responsible for controlling access to the film set and managing any crowds or onlookers who may be nearby and for safeguarding all equipment, props, and other valuable assets on the film set to prevent theft or damage.

The Unit Base is the heart and soul of any production these days; the central hub that every production is 100% reliant upon. Our job is to ensure the safety and security of EVERYTHING contained therein and it’s smooth running within our remit. We work tirelessly in conjunction with location management, production, transport captain and facilities to ensure this to the very best of our ability.​

Event & Venue Security

If your holding an event and would like security to cover your venue then that is certainly something we can do, proving everything from Door Supervisors for the Gate or Bar, Officers to patrol the event, carpark or any areas to need to keep secure of free from members of the public.

We can carry out searches of attendees where this is a requirement of your admittance policy & a requirement to be able to enter your venue.

We can provide Security to manage admittance at a venue, such as a Hotel when you have VIP’s attending or for sporting events such as Shooting Days. We can provide staff who have Section 2 Shotgun Licenses and Gun Storage facilities should they be needed.

Staff Vetting

We carry out checks on all of our security officers to BS7858 UK standards.

  • 5 years of employment verification.

  • 6 year credit search

  • Proof of ID & UK right to work

  • Proof of address

  • A valid SIA Licence

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